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:الاختيار الحالي

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:الاختيار الحالي

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Davanti Leading the way

Born of more than 100 years of tyre industry experience and extensive research and development, Davanti Tyres was established in the UK in 2015.

Manufactured at our world-leading production facilities, Davanti Tyres utilise enhanced silica compounds combined with innovative tread designs to deliver our trademark longevity, handling and reliability.

To ensure every Davanti tyre meets our exacting standards, we employ a comprehensive suite of independent tyre testing across our entire product range. This ensures exceptional product quality backed up by leading EU label and UTQG grades.

From sports performance to everyday comfort, there’s a Davanti tyre for every journey.

Stringent Independent Testing and Certification

Outstanding Versatile Performance Tyre For A Fuel-Eficiant and Comfortable Drive

The DX390 is a high performance asymmetric tyre for compact vehicles and smaller passenger cars. The dynamic design offers a responsive drive in all conditions.

  • Four wide and deep groove channels designed for optimal drainage and excellent handling in wet weather.
  • Three main blocks feature a 3D design that dynamically changes performance as the tread depth decreases.
  • Varying tread block pitch and compartmentalising grooves work together to minimize and contain noise.
  • Flared block sections combine with a continual longitudinal bandto provide excellent traction.
  • Integrated rim protection to prevent wheel damage.

Dynamically Designed Car And SUV Tyre For Maximum Grip And Ultra High Performance

Cutting edge tread design coupled with an advanced silica compound for optimum performance and a responsive drive.

  • Four longitudinal grooves provide optimal water dissipation, enabling superior levels of wet grip.
  • Asymmetrically designed with a continuous outer band for advanced cornering grip and an inner tapered block design for wet weather traction.
  • Flared shoulder block layout with compartmentalised grooves actively contains noise and delivers a quiet drive.
  • Innovative block shapes vary with tread wear providing progressive performance throughout the tyre’s life.
  • Integrated rim protection to prevent wheel damage.

Optimised Asymmetric SUV Tyre For A Fuel-Efficient, Smooth And Comfortable Drive

or a comfortable and quiet drive on SUV applications, the DX740 offers the optimum balance of wet and dry grip,with a smooth, comfortable and quiet drive.

  • Four longitudinal deep grooves run the circumference of the tyreto provide drainage from the road contact areas of the tread pattern.
  • The inner block section works in conjunction with the outer-inside block section to dissipate water out of the central grooves and away from the contact zone.
  • The outer block section contains U shaped grooves which workto both contain noise dissipation.

We'll replace any Davanti tyre that is found to be Defective due to the manufacturing Process or meterials used. Any Tyre with Unrepairable Damage that results from normal road use will be Replaced.

Replacement Tyre Discount

To make a claim against your Davanti Tyre Life Guarantee you need to return the tyre to the Davanti dealer you bought it from. The dealer will replace the tyre at the discounted price based on the amount of tyre tread remaining according to the table below.

More than 7mm 100% Allowance
Between 7 and 6mm 75% Allowance
Between 6 and 4mm 50% Allowance
Between 4 and 2mm 25% Allowance
Less than 2mm NIL Allowance


Davanti are proud to be official partners of EVERTON FOOTBALL CLUB

Davanti have teamed up with Everton Football Club becoming the club’s official tyre partner from 2017.

Following the announcement of a three year commercial partnership deal, we are now proud official partners with Everton Football Club. This provides us with the benefit of extensive reach on a consumer level, increasing brand awareness enabling us to promote Davanti on an International level.

  • Extensive commercial awareness
  • Global engagement and consumer reach
  • Brand development and expansion
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