So you just bought a set of new tyres in the UAE, and you are somehow stuck with four old tyres. What do you do?

Most would think that calling someone to come and take them away for a nominal fee is the best approach. However, this only proves that old tyres have a never-ending rotation of cost, not to mention that them going to a landfill does not make the situation any better.

In times when everyone needs to have an eco-friendly mindset, there is a creative approach you might want to consider with your old rubber. If you have a few old tyres laying around, you can repurpose them in the following ways.

1. Outdoor furniture

DIY tyre chairs are a trend in many places around the world. Using your old tyres in the UAE as material for these chairs can help you save time and money. Even though this option won’t give you fancy outdoor furniture, it is still an option if you want basic seats. For the ones with a more keen eye on detail, adding cushions or creating a sofa framework (depending on how detailed you want to get) based on your tyres is always an option.

tyre outdoor furniture

2. Ottomans or coffee tables

Tyres are round, and as such, have a similar shape to ottoman chairs and coffee tables. Get a tyre, a board, some screws and a drill, and use a heavy rope to create an original ottoman chair that you can match with your home or backyard decor. Similarly, you can use your old tyre as a base for your coffee table – all you need is to add legs and a surface above it.

If you don’t see your old tyre as the perfect base for an ottoman or coffee table, you can always cover it with rope. This will create a rustic-looking ottoman (or even a coffee table if you add a surface on top of it) that is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

tyre ottomans


3. A storage bin

Did you know that a couple of tyres secured together and mounted to a piece of plywood (with casters attached) can give you the perfect storage bin?

Whether you decide to fit this in your garage and store your DIY car tools, or in the backyard playground for your kids as a place to store all of their toys, it can definitely save some space for you and give you plenty of room.

tyre storage bin

(Source: Emma’s blog)

4. A safe and hidden hose caddy

Cut your old tyre in half and then coil the hose up inside it. This will help your outdoor area look neat and tidy. If you want an even more sophisticated look, you can paint the tyre (after you cut it) so that it matches your garden shed, home exterior or even your outdoor decor. 

tyre garden hose caddy

5. Beautiful planters

Creating planters from tyres is a great idea and something that could give your tyre a flowered look. You may want to paint the tyre to give it a great color, but if you are not up for it, you can always use a cover.

Using old tyres as planters gives you freedom to completely decorate your outdoor, porch, or garden area. You could also do different sizes (if you have different sized tyres) and recreate your garden area with more plants.

tyre planters

6.A teeter totter

Children love teeter totters, and if you ever thought of creating one, now you know what to use as your base. You will only need to cut a tyre in half, and use a board on top of it. Since you will have two halves, you can create two teeter totters, too.

The board would serve as the seating area, and you will also need to add some handles and then paint or decorate it the way you want.

teeter totter tyre
(Source: DIYprojects)

7. Climbers

Another affordable way to get rid of your old tyres is to build climbers that your kids will love. It can save you financially, but also help you create a playground that you will easily get rid of once your children grow out of it.

climbers made of tyres
(Source: BackyardBoss)

8. A garden pond

Garden ponds always seem expensive, but there is another way to design them. You can use your old tyres to create a magnificent pond that will cost you nothing. First, get some garden foil so that the water stays inside the tyre. Use the tyre as a base and add sand, gravel or pebbles for decoration. This is a great way to have a relaxing garden pond without spending a fortune on it. And the best part? It can be built in a day!

9.A sandbox

Another way to amuse your kids with your old tyres is to create their very own sandbox. SUV tyres or any other large ones work well for this. All you need to do is paint the tyre and add the sand. There you go – an easy project that your kids will love.

10. An old fashioned tyre swing

This is perhaps one of the most fun ideas out there, especially for the kids. If you have a little one who loves the swing, you can build one for them in a few simple steps. You will only need to attach some eye-bolts to the tyre, get some S-hooks, and link them to the chains. 

tyre swing
(Source: JumpRope)

Not sure if these ideas are for you?

If you are not sure that you can use your old tyres in the above mentioned ways, you can always give them to someone instead of throwing them away.

The first thing that should come to your mind is to find someone who needs old tyres in the UAE, which typically include places like paintball arenas, go-kart playgrounds, dog kindergartens, and even kids playgrounds that use tyres as obstacles.

If you need a new set of tyres once you get rid of your old ones, visit this page to find your next set of tyres at the best prices!