Commercial trucks require stability and safety. In many cases, choosing the right tyres can not only save companies money – but also eliminate any compromises performance-wise. In today’s blog, we are showing you some of the most valuable tips you must keep in mind when purchasing commercial truck tyres.

Before you even start looking for tyres online in the UAE, you must consider a couple of things. First, you need to be sure on what terrain your trucks or vans will be driven the maximum. For instance, if they are mostly driven on city streets, you should check the specific tread design, different sidewalls, and rubber compound that work best for urban settings. If your vehicles often go through off-road areas, you should also consider a model with features for more rugged areas.

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All-season tyres are great for urban areas

All-season tyres for trucks and vans are a good choice for street driving. On the other hand, off-road or mud tyres are fine for uneven and/or rocky surfaces. If you are choosing off-road tyres for your trucks, firm sidewalls and a knobby treat pattern are great when enhancing the driving experience and preventing damage when going over muddy or rocky surfaces.

Going with all-season tyres will allow you to maximize the use of your new tyres and also save on replacement and additional costs. However, we’d advise you to consider tyre rotation to make the most out of each tyre.

Don’t overlook the load capacity

Next on the list of things to know about commercial tyres in the UAE is load capacity. As you probably know, these vehicles carry a lot of weight and tyres are under heavy strain. So, when choosing new tyres online in the UAE, make sure you take a look and consider the load capacity of the vehicle, and see if the model can support that. You can always contact some of our tyre experts at 800-ALL-TYRES and ask them about the maximum performance each model can deliver under different conditions.

continental load range HL index
Continental’s new load index is marked “HL”

Select the best tread design

There are two main types of tread design – rib design (also known as closed design), and lug design (or traction design). While rib design comprises zigzag or straight moves that are used on steer and trailer positions, lug or traction tread design consists of blocks and grooves designed to enhance traction and aggression.

So, rib design tyres are ideal for wet surfaces and in pickup or delivery applications where there is a lot of turning or maneuvring. On the other hand, lug or traction tread design is often chosen for tyres used for vocational fleet operations.

Warranty as coverage against defects

If you are equipping your entire commercial fleet of vehicles with new tyres, you should also consider buying some of the models with an extended warranty. At TyresOnline, we sell tyres with 5 years of warranty, which provides comfort to drivers and reassures them that we got them covered if anything goes wrong. So, it’s always wise to buy the tyres that have good coverage against imperfections and defects, but also models that have at least 1 year of warranty.

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Buying new tyres from a licensed dealer

Finally, you should always buy tyres from a licensed dealer and a shop that is trusted in the region. Most of these sellers work with new models and will know what’s the best choice for your vehicle. At TyresOnline, we pride ourselves on giving users the options to choose their vehicle and shop for the matching tyre pattern. Feel free to do the same on our homepage and start shopping for your new set of commercial tyres!

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