If you recently bought tyres online from our store, it’s time to take them for a spin. All you need is your vehicle, good music, and perhaps some nice company as you explore what UAE has to offer, giving you a fresh perspective as you drive through its most scenic routes.

Whether you are living in Dubai or somewhere else, there are plenty of reasons for taking a road trip – and a number of routes to choose from. Below, we are listing some of the best road trips in UAE and the most scenic drives that will leave you speechless.

1.Liwa Oasis 

There are two routes you can take to reach Liwa, but the drive starts on the E11 (Sheik Zayed Road) via Abu Dhabi. You should follow the signs to Madinat Zayed to reach Liwa Oasis, which is renowned as one of the country’s most beautiful spots. What you will witness during the road trip are magnificent oasis villages, camel farms, and more. You will also pass by the Emirates National Automobile Museum, which is another place worth exploring. If you go from Dubai, the distance to Liwa Oasis is 350 kilometers or four hours.

liwa oasis uae


The city of Dibba is located in Fujairah – the only UAE emirate on the east coast. This region borders Oman but also has some of the best beaches in the country. Taking a road trip to Dibba is great because you get to pass through the Hajar mountains. Once you are there, be sure to take a look at Snoopy Island, which has a shape similar to the famous cartoon character. 

dibba beach uae

3.Jabal Al Jais

Jabal Al Jais is known as UAE’s tallest mountain peak. Testing the grip of your tyres in the UAE is therefore always a good idea. The ride will take you through some curves and amazing landscapes, reaching a height of up to 1,900 meters. Raw and beautiful, this location is preferred to be visited with a four-wheel drive vehicle (even though it’s not a must) as it is an exciting road trip with lots of uphill areas. Also, keep in mind to fill up your tank – there are no facilities between Ras Al Khaimah to the summit of the mountain.

Jabal Al Jais

4.Khasab, Musandam

Musandam is a popular destination in Oman. A drive from Dubai to this magnificent place will show you many new things. To try this, you should start from Sheikh Zayed Road and ride past the sandy trail roads of Ras Al Khaimah, before you reach the picturesque road. The drive also shows you the beautiful coastline of Musandam and its fjord and bays in their full glory. The best road to reach this place is the E11 or E311 via Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain – make sure to follow the signs displaying Shams as you reach Ras Al Khaimah.

road to khasab oman

5.Jebel Hafeet

Many UAE natives know the road to Jebel Hafeet as one of the best curvy roads in the UAE. A road trip to this location takes you to some twists and turns, in a mountainous jaunt that will truly test your driving skills. The place lies at an altitude of 1,240 meters – something worth exploring especially because of its magnificent views on both UAE and Oman.If you want to sleep over somewhere while driving to in Jebel Hafeet, you can book a spot at the mineral hot natural springs of Mubazzarah, which is a stop on the drive. The distance to this place from Dubai is around 170 kilometers.

hafeet jebel road


Hatta is unlike many places in UAE because of its great landscape and the change of topography. At 150 kilometers from Dubai, the place is known for its mix of plain terrain, dunes, and very rocky mountain slopes. There is also a village with small Bedouin houses, as well as a 16th century fort and several pools located in the Hajar Mountains.

hatta landscape

7.Sir Bani Yas Island

If you have a fresh set of tyres, you should take them for a good spin. Going to Sir Bani Yas Island is always a good idea. Even though the drive from Dubai to this place is 370-kilometer long, it is still a great trip that takes you to the living place of thousands of free-roaming animals. While you are there, you might consider sleeping at the Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara, which lies in the heart of this sanctuary.

sir bani yas beach island

Ready to buckle up and hit the road?