Changing the tyres is something that comes sooner than later. Now, if you are not taking your vehicle to your nearest UAE tyre shop for a change, you might want to consider changing the tyre yourself.

Simply put, knowing how to change a tyre is a necessary skill for almost every driver. Instead of thinking that there will always be someone to change your tyre and get you out of the road safely, you should plan ahead and know how to change your tyres.

Thankfully, changing a flat tyre is not a difficult process as long as you know the right steps in it. Below, we are sharing our simple guide with clear steps on how to change a car tyre.

What Tools Do You Need To Change A Tyre?

The truth is, changing a tyre is never a nice moment. If you are doing it yourself, there are two scenarios. The first one is a flat tyre which needs immediate action, and the second is regular tyre changing – something you can also do at your local UAE tyre repair store.

If you want to change a tyre that is flat or deflated, you should know that nowadays, most modern vehicles come equipped with almost all the items you need. Typically, these items are found in a recessed area of the boot. These items can include but are not limited to:

  • A spare tyre
  • A jack
  • A wheel brace

Before you jump behind the wheel, it is worth checking whether your car carries the above and that you have your vehicle’s manual close to you. Next up are the actual steps on how to change your car tyre.

The 7-Step Plan To Changing A Car Tyre Quickly And Effectively

There are seven important steps you need to learn by heart in order to master the tyre change process.

1.Pull over safely

The first step is to pull over to the side of the road and park a safe distance from the road itself. Make sure that you are located away from passing vehicles and that you pull over the moment you notice your car is deflating. Avoid pulling over in curves and make sure that you park in an area with a firm and level surface. Put on your hazard lights and ensure that your car is parked with the handbrake on. If it’s dark, try to wear the brightest clothing or the fluorescent vest which may also be part of your vehicle’s tyre replacement kit.

2.Start loosening your wheel nuts with one turn

Once you take your equipment and spare tyre from the boot of your car. If you have hubcaps on your wheels, remove them from the flat tyre (they are often clipped on) and use your wheel brace to loosen each wheel nut with a full (360 degree) turn. As a rule of thumb, turning a bolt or nut anti-clockwise is the right direction to loosen a tyre, while a clockwise direction is for tightening it. If you need more force, use your foot or get your body weight behind the brace.

3. Position your jack under the car

You should use the jack to lift your vehicle up in the air until there is about a 5 to 10 centimeter gap between the road and your tyre. Make sure your vehicle tyre is not in contact with the ground (so that you can easily remove it after loosening).

4.Remove all the wheel nuts (and keep them aside)

Remove each of the wheel nuts completely and once they pop out, make sure to store them in a safe place. You will need them afterwards when attaching the replacement tyre on your vehicle.

5.Replace your flat tyre with the spare one

As you remove your flat tyre, get your spare tyre and line it up with the wheel holes before placing it onto the wheel hub. Next, put your wheel nuts back on and tighten them as far as you can using your hands.

6.Lower your car and tighten the nuts again

As you slowly start lowering the vehicle and using the jack to get it to its normal stance, make sure to see if everything is attached properly. Once your car is in contact with the ground again, use the wheel brace to fully tighten all of the wheel nuts.

7.Put away your equipment and continue driving

If you have a hubcap on your wheels, you can place it back onto the new wheel – or store it safely in the boot. Our recommendation is to store it safely to prevent losing it and save time. Put away all of your equipment, place your tools and flat tyre back into the boot and continue driving.

Things To Know After Changing A Flat Tyre

If you are wondering how long it takes to fix a flat tyre, you should know that the procedure should not take more than 15 to 30 minutes. Just make sure that you don’t leave out any steps and do everything as advised above. Changing a tyre in your garage or driveway can be a good test as to whether you are ready to handle the situation if it ever happens to you.

Obviously, flat tyres happen and in most of the cases, there is no way to avoid it. However, regular tyre maintenance is even more important than changing a flat tyre. In addition to reviewing this guide, always remember to:

  • Keep your tyres properly inflated at all times – Air hoses with tyre pressure gauges are available on every service station. You can find the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle either in its manual or on a sticker which is located within the driver’s door frame.
  • Rotate your tyres based on your manufacturer’s guidelines – This will help even out the wear. You can ask your UAE tyre expert about more details on this when they service your vehicle.
  • Monitor your tread wear – Once your tyres are worn down, you should replace them. As a rule of thumb, you generally want to be able to put a small coin in the tread with the outer band of it not visible. If you cannot see the outer band of the coin, your tread is still in a good condition.

How Long And How Fast Can You Drive With A Spare (Donut) Tyre?

If your spare tyre is smaller than your normal tyres – a tyre known as a donut tyre – don’t worry. This is something that vehicle manufacturers know and do in order to give you more space in the boot and optimize your driving.

However, driving with a smaller spare tyre is very different. These tyres have little to no tread and are designed only to get you to your local tyre repair shop.

A general rule of thumb is to drive no more than 70 miles and no faster than 50 miles per hour before you arrive at your UAE tyre repair shop to replace your tyre with a brand new one with standard dimensions.

Don’t Have A Spare Wheel Or A Tyre Repair Kit?

If you are left in the middle of nowhere without a spare wheel or a tyre repair kit, the best way to change your tyre is calling our UAE tyre repair shop for immediate roadside assistance. Most of the professional UAE tyre repair teams can also ask you about the dimensions of your tyre and give you a full replacement without using your spare wheel .