If you are looking to shop for tyres online, you should know that there are plenty of models to choose from. The truth is, tyres can make or break a daily drive and are essential to a solid driving experience. They are the only point of contact of your vehicle with the ground, which is why getting the best set of tyres for your car always matters.

If it’s time to replace your tyres, and you are trying to find the right model for your car, you are in the right place. As the UAE’s top-rated online tyre shop, we have experts that can help you select a model that fits your vehicle, budget, and needs. Below, we are talking more about this in detail.

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Choosing Car Tyres: How To Do It Right?

There are several things to consider when buying tyres online. First, you need to determine whether the tyre has a fitment that is compatible with your vehicle. So, make sure to understand what 

It is also important to consider your driving style and some of your most common routes, season, and mileage. For instance, if you drive a small city car in urban areas, you need tyres that would bring out economy on the road and provide comfort. Fuel efficiency, noise levels, and handling performance are worth putting on your list when you are ready to purchase your tyres online.

1.Tyre size

First in our list of things to consider when visiting a tyre shop is tyre size. Choosing the right side of your tyres is fundamental, which is why you need to understand the tyre markings on your sidewall. You can either see your owner’s manual for information on the recommended tyre size or call us at 800-ALL-TYRES for advice.

how to choose tyre tyres size

As you can see in the image above, each letter relates to an important tyre marking and information about the tyre. We have:

  • A – Tyre width
  • B – Aspect ratio
  • C – Diameter
  • D – Load index
  • E – Speed rating

2.Seasonality and weather

The severity of the weather you live in also impacts the choice of tyres that you buy. In the UAE, we have a climate that features desert temperatures, with hot summers and cool winters. Since the climate in the country is warm, drivers are recommended to use summer or all-season tyres. The difference here is that summer tyres handle and grip well on both dry and wet road surfaces, and can be used throughout the year in areas where winter conditions tend to be mild with temperatures above 7°C in winter.

3.Vehicle type

There is a massive difference between choosing tyres for a car and choosing tyres for an SUV. Also, there is a difference when shopping for 4×4 tyres online. The logic is that standard car tyres are designed specifically for on-road performance and have solid grip, braking, and handling features. On the other hand, SUV and 4×4 tyres are produced to handle the additional weight of the vehicle and have road-focused grip, braking, and handling. They are also reinforced to be able to handle off-road adventures, and have a heavily defined tread pattern which helps them maximise grip on all terrain surfaces.

SUV tyres dubai

4.Type of tyres

With the advance of technology, we have seen plenty of different tyre types. A great example are run flat tyres, which are characterized by having reinforced shoulders, allowing the rubber to carry the weight of the car over a limited distance. For instance, if you have run flats on your car and you get a flat tyre, you can continue driving for 50 to 60 kilometers at maximum speeds of 50-70km/h. 

5.Other tyre considerations

There are many other tyre considerations to have in mind, such as fuel efficiency, noise rating, performance features, etc. The point is that your tyres have a direct impact on the fuel efficiency, noise that you hear in your car, and many other small details that are usually better handled by the most popular tyre models.

Also, there are different tyre manufacturers that offer a variety of models, where each one is characterized by specific features. The easiest way to see this is by shopping for all tyre brands and comparing each model. Therefore, you can shop for:

…And many other tyre brands.

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Premium Or Budget Tyres In The UAE – What To Choose?

Now, the topic of premium vs. budget tyres in the UAE. Many drivers are unsure about which tyre brand to choose. Generally speaking, premium tyres are ones manufactured by the big and most popular brands (Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Bridgestone, Goodyear and Dunlop), while budget tyres are usually manufactured by brands like Cooper, Kumho, Hankook, Toyo, etc. 

If you want to spend more and buy tyres online from premium brands, you won’t make a mistake. However, if your budget doesn’t allow that, you can find comfort in budget brands or opt out for a tyre model from the medium-range price bracket and manufacturers like Uniroyal, Firestone, or Yokohama. Budget tyres won’t get you that many kilometers as premium tyres, but are often good for drivers who don’t drive often or only drive short distances.

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Tyre Maintenance & Looking After Your Tyres

Whichever model of tyres you choose, it is important to look after them. The best way to do that is to regularly check, adjust and maintain the right air pressure according to your car’s specifications. 

Some drivers also choose to rotate their tyres so that they make the most out of every part of the tyre, and manufacturers suggest tyres to be rotated every six months. The only thing you need is to learn how to rotate your tyres correctly and make sure that your tyres are well looked after.

We hope that this guide helps you choose the best tyres for your needs!