10 Most Expensive Tyre Models In The World

Tyres from manufacturers like Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone are known to cost more than most of their competition. However, their price is only a friction of the cost of some other tyre models that you will read about in today’s blog. Nowadays there is a big competition in the tyre market. Technology has advanced, and

old tyres diy uses

10 Great Uses For Old Tyres

So you just bought a set of new tyres in the UAE, and you are somehow stuck with four old tyres. What do you do? Most would think that calling someone to come and take them away for a nominal fee is the best approach. However, this only proves that old tyres have a never-ending

Things To Know When Buying New Tyres

Nowadays, most people don’t buy new tyres in UAE until it’s too late, which is usually when they fail or start showing signs of wear. If you are like that, you should know that neglecting the life of your tyres can put yours and the safety of your passengers at risk. On the other hand,