We all know that flat tyre scenarios happen any time, and usually occur when you don’t expect them to. In situations like these, you might feel upset that you lost time, stranded waiting for help (if you don’t know how to change your tyre) or frustrated that the issue happened in the first place.

We all know that flat tyre scenarios happen any time, and usually occur when you don’t expect them to. In situations like these, you might feel upset that you lost time, stranded waiting for help (if you don’t know how to change your tyre) or frustrated that the issue happened in the first place.

Luckily, people have thought of something called spare tyres. Also known as temporary tyres, they are designed to help drivers regain mobility and avoid calling roadside assistance to tow their car and take it to the nearest tyre technician.

Spare tyres aside, there are many other ways to fix a flat tyre. Below, we are listing all of them, including:

  • Compact/donut spare tyres for emergency fixes
  • Full-size matching spare tyres/wheels as the long-term solution
  • Flat tyre repair kits as a quick fix alternative (temporary repair)
  • Run-flat tyres as a high-tech solution

Compact/donut spare tyres for an emergency fix

The temporary or spare tyres are also known as compact or donut spare tyres. They are lightweight and meant to save the day whenever an emergency occurs. The biggest advantage to using these spare tyres is the name: it is compact, and saves you space in the trunk.

In most of the vehicles, a compact spare tyre is located in the lower part of the trunk. As we said, this tyre is smaller in size, which means that it lacks the same properties as your fitted full-size tyres.

Because of that, driving on a spare tyre comes with its own limits. You can only drive your car with a spare on it for a certain number of kilometers and at lower speeds. These tyres need to be checked for proper inflation as often as your everyday tyres.

Repair Kits

Some things to know about spare tyres include the following:

  • You should regularly check your spare tyre’s air pressure and make sure that it is inflated
  • In the event of an emergency, putting your spare tyre gives you a range of 80 miles and a recommended speed of 80 kilometers per hour, which is enough to the nearest tyre technician.
  • Most vehicles have original spare tyres in the trunk, which saves you money and time in choosing one for your needs.

Full-size matching spare tyres and wheels as a long-term solution

Compared to full-sized spare tyres, the temporary/spare tyres are designed to save weight and trunk space. However, they are not designed for long-term use, which is why they feature a smaller physical size, making them more compact for storage in the trunk. Also, they feature a narrower tread and reduced tread depth compared to tyres normally used on the vehicle.

There are, however, full-size matching spare tyres as well. They are the most versatile option, and are usually integrated into the vehicle’s tyre rotation pattern from the beginning. Having such a tyre basically means that you have a fifth tyre in your car that you can use as a long-term solution for any flat side scenario. Still, the problem for many is the fact that a full-size spare tyre in the car requires more space for storage, and ideally, needs proper rotation so that it wears in the same way and at the same rate as your other tyres.

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As a summary:

  • Having a full size spare tyre means buying a set of five tyres for your car (instead of four), which comes at a higher cost
  • The biggest advantage is that you’ll always have a normal tyre ready to go if something happens

Tyre puncture repair kits as the quick fix alternative

If you prefer having a quick fix alternative, you should know that there are tyre puncture repair kits which combine the best of both worlds. These kits take up less space than a full-size or a spare (donut) tyre, and can be applied to your puncture without having to replace the tyre on-the-spot.

However, the main disadvantage of these kits is that they do not actually solve the problem of your damaged tyre. That being said, if you have a flat tyre, you should know that a quick tyre puncture repair kit will only solve your problem temporarily.

Since they are short-lived, they work by pumping a sealant into the flat tyre through its air inflation valve, and are great for repairing small holes and even re-inflating a tyre.

Repair tyres

Things to know with tyre puncture repair kits include the following:

  • They are a short-lived alternative, and only fix the problem temporarily
  • You can only use a tyre-puncture repair kit on tubeless type tyres
  • Never attempt a repair on a tyre which shows signs of internal or external structural damage (sidewall bulging, ply separation, cracks, exposed belts, etc.)
  • Be sure to know how to use the tyre puncture repair kit before you buy one

Run-flat tyres as the high-tech solution

In the mid 1980s, tyre manufacturers patented a new technology called run-flat tyres. These tyres are quite impressive in their technological features, meaning that they are a solid alternative to traditional spare tyres. Unlike other solutions, run flat tyres ensure that you won’t be stuck on the side of the road changing/replacing a tyre or waiting for a tow truck.

Thanks to the unique technology of high-tech cooling fins and reinforced sidewalls, tyres like these can be driven up to 50 miles at 50mph after they are punctured, even after they lose the air inside completely. Unlike many other options, run flat tyres drive quietly, comfortably, handling smoothly and providing a tight grip in sharp turns.

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To sum things up:

  • Flat tyres are great because they give you a range to carry on driving in the event of a puncture
  • They are also said to be less prone to blowouts
  • However, cars which have run flat tyres must always be fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) which includes sensors inside the tyre

How to make most of your tyres and avoid problems in the future?

Run flat tyres occur, whether you like it or not. Everyone deserves a smooth and safe ride, but when the road throws an emergency, it is up to you to figure out how to deal with the situation.

The best solution is to be prepared with the flat tyre solution that is right for your DIY comfort level and driving style. That being said:

  • Choosing a compact spare is a great option if you know how to quickly change your tyre and easily replace it with the spare (donut) tyre from your trunk,
  • Choosing a full-size matching spare tyre is another good option if you want to avoid problems in the future and drive without losing speed or sacrificing anything. However, you need to frequently rotate your tyres to even out the wear on your full-sized spare tyre.
  • Choosing a tyre puncture repair kit is a great option if you don’t want to deal with replacing your tyre, and want to drive your vehicle safely to the nearest tyre shop.
  • Run-flat tyres are expensive, but also more stable than conventional tyres and made to support your vehicle even when they contain no air. Therefore, you will maintain better control in a complete air loss situation and drive safely to the nearest shop.

We hope this guide helped you understand more about spare tyres, tyre puncture repair kits, run flat tyres and in general, the available options for any flat tyre emergency as well as its prevention.