Tyres have been there almost since the invention of cars, and over the past few decades, have gone through some major changes in their structure. Aside from the standard air tyres which are filled with air and known as the industry standard out there, new concepts including nitrogen tyres and airless tyres are now available for purchase. 

So, how different are these concepts, and how beneficial they can be for the average driver? 

If you are looking for tyres online in the UAE, you should know more about the types of tyres before making your decision. Below, we are guiding you to all three tyre types and the way they function, as well as a full comparison of their benefits and drawbacks.

Air Filled Tyres

The first type of tyres is the common air-filled tyres. What many don’t know is that air is actually composed of around 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and a few small percentages of water vapor and other gases. When it comes to inflating air in tyres, the oxygen molecules are rarely passing through the rubber, which is why tyre pressure reduces over time.

The good thing about air filled tyres is that you can manually adjust your tyre pressure and they are typically maintenance free. Even if a puncture occurs, it is easy to repair it in almost any garage. 

The drawbacks of air filled tyres are less manoeuvrability, proneness to punctures, and the fact that they cannot be used in racing scenarios or sports vehicles. In sports and racing scenarios, it is vital to know the exact pressure of each tyre and the presence of water vapour along with temperature and pressure changes in order to prevent tyre blowouts.

air filled tyres

Nitrogen Tyres

Nitrogen is an element that has larger molecules, which means it is harder for it to travel throughout the tyre rubber. This gives it plenty of benefits, especially for drivers looking for tyres with stable pressure levels. That is why nitrogen tyres are common in racing events – the element’s stability and consistency helps buffering against any pressure changes brought by temperature fluctuations.

Nitrogen tyres are also less likely to burst out. They are long lasting and can help reduce fuel costs. Also, they require less maintenance and reinflation. However, the drawback with nitrogen tyres is that nitrogen-only compressors are difficult to find at petrol stations, which means that you will have to take your vehicle to a specialist whenever you would like to inflate its tyres.

nitrogen tyres

Airless Tyres

Lastly, we have airless tyres which are still a concept and something that is labeled “work in progress”. An airless tyre is not supported by air pressure, which means that it won’t puncture, or lose its form. The damaging effects of under and over inflating it are also something out of question, which is how the concept shook the tyre industry. The availability of airless tyres, however, is likely to be low in the first decade. Also, their costs are expected to be higher than any other tyre type.

This new phenomenon was initially pioneered by Michelin – the famous tyre manufacturer has been developing their own airless tyre models for over a decade, and the official release of the first models of this type is expected in 2024.

airless tyres michelin

Which Tyres To Choose For My Car?

If you are wondering how to choose the best tyre for your vehicle, you should put your needs first. If your driving style is easy, and you are only making short journeys and commuting in urban or suburban traffic, a standard air tyre is more than suitable for your needs.

Nitrogen tyres, on the other hand, are great for motorists who cover many kilometers regularly because of their job or lifestyle. They require less in maintenance and replacement costs coming from heavy road use. Airless tyres are still a concept that will likely change a lot of things for manufacturers and consumers. However, we won’t see them hitting the shelves for a few more years, and we will only be sure to list their best use once they are available on the market.

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