Nowadays, there are so many questions and hype around electric vehicles and their unique parts. When it comes to tyres, technologies are changing, and manufacturers have started developing specific models to maximize mileage in the electric driving experience.

The concept of an electric car tyre has been present for some time now. If you thought that electric vehicles (EVs) can benefit from the same tyres as petrol vehicles, that might not be true. While they can certainly use normal tyres like their counterparts, electric vehicles and low-emission hybrids have some unique properties which are best accented with specific tyre models.

Do Electric Cars Need Special Tyres?

The answer to this question is yes. EV tyres are produced by many global tyre manufacturers, and known for their strength, lightweightedness, efficiency, low noise and long-lasting properties.

Electric drive technology has changed the world with its lower engine noise, emissions, maintenance, and running costs. Due to their increased weight, electric vehicles have longer braking distances, which is why they need specific tyres. They also have higher instant torque, which means that they can wear out a tyre faster than usual automobiles. 

Therefore, EV tyres are both similar and different to normal tyres. Their unique features, besides increased wear and capability to handle larger weights, include the following:

  • Aerodynamics: Increased aerodynamics is a crucial factor to EV tyres, so that they can cleave the air clearly.
  • Size: Thin and tall electric vehicle tyres can reduce the frontal area.
  • Rolling resistance: Electric vehicle tyres are designed to reduce the energy loss through the use of smart low-drag materials. Hence, the energy required to keep the tyre rolling must be very low.
  • Durability: Since they are heavy and have higher cornering forces, EV tyres must withstand some extra wear.
  • Noise/vibrations: Another big factor is noise. Since electric vehicles are very quiet, tyre manufacturers also count in the vibration/noise factor where additional refinement is essential.
tesla electric vehicle tires
Electric vehicles have longer braking distances, which is why they need specific tyres.

The design of electric vehicle (EV) tyres features stronger sidewalls, with optimal road contact. Most of the leading models have aerodynamic sidewall design that creates a solid footprint by optimizing the rubber and its contact with the road surface. Because of their higher torque, electric vehicles need tyres that will “suffer” more wear and tear and provide robustness.

The Benefits Of Electric Car Tyres

There are many great things about electric car tyres and how they perform when fitted to an electric vehicle. These models are found to be:

  • Quieter than usual tyres
  • More durable than conventional models
  • Offering money savings in the long run
  • Quieter than usual tyres
  • Giving you comfort and safety

The best way to look after EV tyres is by monitoring the tyre wear and checking them on a regular basis. Also, just like with conventional models, you should ensure that your electric vehicle tyres are properly inflated and balanced on your wheels. This is essential if you want to distribute your vehicle’s weight evenly. Lastly, if your electric vehicle is a front wheel drive, you will see the front tyres wear out quicker than the ones at the back. So, you should consider rotating your electric vehicle tyres (switch the front and back wheels around).

electric vehicle charging
If your electric vehicle is a front wheel drive, you will see the front tyres wear out quicker than the ones at the back.

Best Tyres For Electric Vehicles (Best EV Tyres)

In order to meet the demands mentioned above, big tyre manufacturers have created unique tyre lines that are specifically designed for electric vehicles. Some of the best examples include the Michelin Pilot Sport EV, Pirelli P Zero Elect, Bridgestone Turanza Eco, Michelin Energy EV, Continental EcoContact 6 EV tyres, and others.

The owners of these tyres will value enjoyable and eco-friendly driving, and can rest assured that their tyres are designed specifically to meet their needs. In the long run, the right tyre choice for an EV can improve the vehicle’s safety, but also the increased driving comfort, shorter braking distances, increased durability and wear and tear.

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