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Vehicle brakes are by far the most important feature in the car’s safety system. They have a simple function – to stop the car, but also prevent and stop incidents and accidents. The braking system is made of several components which work together to help keep the driver safe. Therefore, maintaining them regularly ensures that your vehicle’s safety system is in a good condition.

A lot of vehicle owners think that the braking system works to stop their vehicle, but there is a lot more going on in the actual stopping. When the vehicle is in contact with the road, it generates a lot of friction, which helps to stop it at the right time and in the right way. The vehicle’s brakes work to stop the wheels from spinning, and the braking power is mainly controlled by the brake pads and discs.

Car Brake Repairs & Service in Dubai



Book your brakes online or call us toll free 800 255 89737 Saturday to Thursday 9am to 7pm.


Drop off your car at one of our Stop&Go partner branches at the time and location arranged on your booking or agreed between you and the tyresonline.ae team.


Our partner Stop&Go will inspect your car brakes. After inspection, the brake service will be performed according to your request. Additional parts may be suggested. No additional jobs are performed without your approval.


You can wait in the Stop&Go lounge where water, coffee and tea is available upon request. When your brake service is complete, you will be informed or contacted.


Stop&Go is a unique car maintenance and repair garage with multiple locations in Dubai. We pride ourselves in having a team of professionally traine staff that have a true passion in working in the automotive industry. We are customer oriented and look at every car from the owners perspective. Our concerns for safety, costs, transparency and loyalty make us an ideal and dependable everyday car garage for any individual or organisation. For more information visit www.stopandgouae.com

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