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Bridgestone is a tyre manufacturer which has been in business since 1931 and has branched its operations towards different segments. Currently, the company also owns and markets the tyres Firestone, Fusion, Dayton as well as other tyre brands and supplying tyres. It is the world’s largest tyre manufacturer with 181 production facilities in 24 different countries, enabling it to mass produce its products all around the world.

What started as an Japanese tyre brand with innovative features continued with Bridgestone expanding towards the vehicle components, bicycles and even golf equipment markets.

For motorists, however, Bridgestone is a great choice. The brand offers a wide variety of tyres for different vehicles. Whether you drive a city car or a supercharged sports car, the chances of finding great Bridgestone tyres for your needs are big.

The unique tyre ranges offer something different for every driver, mostly based on their needs and their vehicle’s features. From puncture-resistant ‘run-flat’ models with reinforced sidewalls to winter tyres that are designed to improve the grip and traction under slippery conditions, Bridgestone has got you covered.

Quick Facts About Bridgestone

  • Bridgestone is not only one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world – it is also one of the consumers’ favorites.
  • The brand has reasonably priced tyres which have proven to be durable, comfortable and pretty much universal.
  • Other tyre brands owned by Bridgestone are Firestone, Bandag, Dayton, CFNA, GCR and Tires Plus.
  • Bridgestone has sister aviation facilities in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Belgium.
  • The very first Bridgestone tyre was produced on april 9, 1930 by the Japanese “Tabi”
  • Despite its problems in the beginning, the brand decided to build tyres based solely on Japanese technology.
New Bridgestone tyres in Dubai

If you are interested in buying Bridgestone tyres in the UAE, you are in the right place. At TyresOnline, we pride ourselves on working with this brand as an official reseller. This means that our UAE Bridgestone tyre models come at the best rates and in many different makes and models.

You can visit our catalogue and assure yourself of our wide coverage of Bridgestone tyres for customers from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other surrounding areas. We are here to ship Bridgestone tyres to any location within the UAE and strive to be your one-stop source of the best tyre deals and offers.

If you have questions and inquiries about our Bridgestone tyres for cars, SUVs and trucks, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Dueler H005

Bridgestone H005 is another reliable tyre that is native to the Dueler family. The improved ... more details

Alenza 33

A popular premium highway tyre option. Fitted as original equipment in many SUVs including ... more details

Dueler A/T RH-S

Fans of rough terrains and tracks off the beaten path should be confident that they are ... more details

Turanza EL42

EL42 is a member of the Turanza family which means that it is a great touring tyre and ... more details

MY 02

The Bridgestone Sporty Style MY02 model combines the very best of aggressive styling and ... more details


The R230 tyre by Bridgestone is a tyre meant for light trucks. The all-position radial ... more details

Ecopia EP500

The EP500 tyre is under the Ecopia family. It uses ologic technology to deliver numerous ... more details

Turanza ER370

Drivers interested in the Bridgestone Turanza ER370 should know that this tyre is optimized ... more details

Turanza ER42

ER42 is a Bridgestone Turanza model which boasts comfort and economy. It is originally ... more details

Dueler H/T D685

The H/T D685 is a tyre which is native to the Dueler family. It comes as a highway terrain ... more details


This is an all-position rib tyre model that features a V-steel rb for heavy duty performance ... more details


If you are looking for a great commercial tyre that is durable, reliable and perfect for use on ... more details

Dueler A/T 693

The Dueler A/T 693 is a model that was designed to meet the needs of high performance ... more details

Dueler HP Asymmetric

If you have a luxury SUV and want to enhance its driving characteristics, a tyre like the ... more details

Turanza ER30

If you are looking for high levels of ride comfort and want the very best when it comes to ... more details

Dueler H/T D683

In a journey that is full of twists and turns, the Dueler H/T D683 can be your best ally. The ... more details


The R613 model by Bridgestone gives plenty of economy and solid mileage for short-haul ... more details

Dueler A/T D697

The A/T D697 is commonly known as a great 4WD tyre which was designed in order to ... more details

Dueler A/T 697

This is the ultimate 4WD tyre for all terrains. It was designed to withstand the harshest ... more details

Potenza RE050A

The RE050A Potenza model by Bridgestone is a summer tyre which has enriched ... more details

Turanza AR-20

Known by many as the unsurpassed passenger car tyre by Bridgestone, the AR20 model is ... more details


Perfect for trailers and large commercial vehicles that roam over wide areas, the Bridgestone ... more details


Steer axle and designed to meet the demands of many global markets, the Bridgestone ... more details

Ecopia EP422 Plus

The Ecopia EP422 is a tyre that is engineered to be more fuel efficient to get more miles per ... more details

Dueler H/T D470

Vehicles like the Honda CR-V come fitted with the Dueler H/T D470 tyre model. This specific ... more details

Potenza S007

The S007 is a model that has been designed for luxurious sedans and coupes, as well as ... more details

Duravis R630

The Duravis R630 is a tyre that boasts reliability, performance and longer wear life. It is a ... more details

Duravis R624

The Duravis R624 is a tyre that is specially designed for heavy duty pickups and trucks. It ... more details

Duravis R611

Modern commercial vehicle drivers need reliable tyres that will reduce noise levels and add ... more details

Dueler H/T D688

If you are looking for a tyre which scores well when it comes to low noise and vibrations, the ... more details


The BridgestoneR623 is a tyre in the premium segment, used for light commercial vehicles ... more details

Potenza RE070R

Potenza RE070R presents the ultimate Extreme Performance summer tyre by Bridgestone ... more details

Potenza ES1LZ

The Potenza ES1LZ is aunique model that captures the passion of many drivers who want ... more details

Dueler H/P 92

Tough terrains, wet and dry surfaces are handled successfully by the Dueler H/P 92. This ... more details

Turanza T005

The Turanza T005 is among the highest rated tyres for braking and turning on wet roads. It ... more details

Turanza T001

The Turanza T001model was developed with luxury touring in mind. It is original equipment ... more details

Turanza GR90

GR90 is an innovative tread by Bridgestone under the Turanza family, known for its reliability ... more details

Turanza ER37

This is a specialized tyre suited for luxury performance cars. It comes as original equipment ... more details

Turanza ER33

High performance and a smooth ride. These are the main values of the ER33, a tyre model ... more details

Turanza ER300

Bridgestone has been doing a lot of things to innovate the tyre industry. One of the latest ... more details


The R265 model by Bridgestone is an all-position steel belted radial tyre for light trucks. It ... more details

Potenza S001

The Potenza S001 is chosen by premium sports car makers including Aston Martin, Lexus ... more details

Potenza RE97

Potenza RE97is an ideal tyre model for drivers looking for a high-performance tyre with a ... more details

Potenza RE050

Bridgestone?s long involvement with Formula 1 resulted in many developments. One of the ... more details

Potenza RE031

Combining sports agility and ride comfort, the Potenza RE031 is a top choice for luxury ... more details

Ecopia EP300

The Ecopia EP300 model is engineered for superior performance. As such, it provides better ... more details

Ecopia EP150

The Ecopia EP150 is a Premium Touring summer tyre that was manufactured for passenger ... more details

Dueler HP Sport D97

A new technology in this model allows for better dry grip, wet grip, wear and road feedback ... more details

Dueler H/T D850

The Dueler H/T D850 by Bridgestone is a great tyre for SUVs and commercial trucks. It ... more details

Dueler H/T D840

The Dueler H/T 840 is a premium highway tyre, modeled to suit SUVs and 4x4s which ... more details

Dueler H/T D689

Superior grip, robust materials and an innovative tread pattern are the three main features ... more details

Dueler H/T D687

Known as the ideal highway tyre for SUVs and 4WD vehicles, the Dueler H/T D687 by ... more details

Dueler H/T D684

If you are driving a 4WD (4x4) vehicle, the Dueler H/T 684 is a perfect choice for your needs ... more details

Dueler H/P Sport AS

Part of the Dueler family, the Bridgestone H/P Sport AS nickname indicates that the tyre is ... more details

Dueler H/P Sport

Dueler HP Sport is a tyre model that is designed to provide amazing driving characteristics ... more details

Dueler H/L D400

The Dueler H/L D400 is a highway tyre used in luxury SUVs and 4WD vehicles that ... more details

Dueler H/L D33

A premium highway tyre that has outstanding stability and steering response. The Dueler ... more details

Dueler H/L Alenza

A model that is great for light to medium trucks. Perfect for all seasons, it combines a quiet ... more details

Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia

In a world of more ecologically oriented Crossover/SUV tyres, the H/L 422 model is a proud ... more details


Superior safety and optimal ride comfort. These are the two key features of the Bridgestone ... more details


The Bridgestone B250 is a great tyre to use on dry roads, offering the perfect balance of ... more details

Alenza 001

Alenza 001 is a model by Bridgestone which can maximize the potential on wet and dru ... more details

Bridgestone has a unique design in general, making it one of the most appealing brands out there. You can literally choose from the wide array of tyre models and expect the best from each one. The brand invests a lot of time and energy to cover all of the needed features that a tyre neesd to have to be reliable, safe and with the maximum performance on the road.

Because of this, Bridgestone has earned a lot of certificates and accreditations over the years. Their “quality comes first” model is how the brand received the first ever ISO 50001 standard (at the time) in November 2012 for its Wilson Plant.

Besides this certificate, Bridgestone has won a lot of awards as the best brand of the year and many similar accreditations. In 2017, it was chosen as the “2017 General Motors Supplier of the Year” while in 2019, it received the “Mazda Supplier Award” and the “Environmental Merit Award” at the Toyota Suppliers Convention. You can find all of their certificates and accreditations on this link.

  • Bridgestone Tyres certificates and accreditations DJSI
  • Bridgestone Tyres certificates and accreditations FTSE4Good
  • Bridgestone Tyres certificates and accreditations ISO
  • Bridgestone Tyres certificates and accreditations Stoxx
  • Bridgestone Tyres certificates and accreditations Euronext Vigeo World 120

As we can see from the official page on the brand’s website, Bridgestone works along with 10 other leading tyre companies that represent 65% of the world’s tyre manufacturing capacity.

The goal of this brand is to review the progress and collaborate with more brands towards reducing the environmental footprint of tyres as a material as well as many similar initiatives.

Bridgestone is the Worldwide Olympic Partner and an official Tokyo 2020 Paraolympic Games Gold Partner . The brand has also partnered with more than 75 athletes on road to the Olympic and is a big supporter of sports.

The company has multiple divisions in many countries and multiple partnerships under each division.

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