There are plenty of interesting things in the automotive world. Thanks to advanced technology, plenty of auto parts seem sturdy and reliable, and yet again, there are still some myths surrounding them and being believed by people.

Car batteries are specifically interesting in this manner – most people don’t have direct contact with them, leading them to believe almost everything that they read about them online. Today, we are listing some of the biggest car battery myths and debunking the truth behind them.

Myth 1: The more you use the car, the better your car battery will be

This is a common myth that many people believe in. If you don’t use your car, your battery will be still drained – machines like these usually have alarm systems and electrical systems, which could be a source of drained batteries.

Besides, it is also not recommended for your car to stay idle and sit not being used for long periods of time. This could drain the battery as well. So, if you are going on a long vacation soon, it is advisable to disconnect the necessary wires and keep your car in good working condition.

Myth 2: Leaving your car ignited or driving short distances recharges your car battery

Starting a car takes up a lot more power, and if you get it going for a short drive, it will unlikely put enough charge back into your battery to cover your energy costs. In light and modern cars, however, there are some advanced features which make it possible to charge a battery while the car is idle. Still, this does not mean that turning the car on is enough to charge its battery – a certain amount of driving is still needed for that to happen.

Myth 3: Your battery can last a lifetime if you care for it well

While we all wish this was true, it actually isn’t. Just like every other item that produces energy, car batteries will run out with or without use. No matter how good and careful you are, this will happen. However, you can prolong your car battery’s life with proper maintenance. One way or another, it will still need to be replaced.

Myth 4: It doesn’t matter which battery brand you choose

This is another myth people believe in, mostly because they are served with information that every car battery is the same. To break the truth behind it, brands actually do matter. Just like any other auto part, there is a difference in quality between different battery models. At TyresOnline, we offer a wide variety of quality battery models you can choose from and cater to your car’s battery needs. We also advise on contacting us first for the best piece of advice on what type of battery you need and how much it would cost you.

Myth 5: The heavier the battery is, the better

Lastly, we have a myth that is partly true. If a car battery is heavy, it contains more lead, which is an element that helps it perform very well. So, it is logical that when you have more lead in a battery, it is heavier, and the better it is going to perform.

Still, you should watch out as this is not always the case scenario for batteries. While “the heavier, the better” makes logic, poor-quality batteries also tend to contain solid materials that make them heavier. You can always prevent the occurrence by making sure you buy from a trusted distributor like

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of myths surrounding batteries, and choosing any battery model for your car is not often the best solution out there. Also, keeping your car idle will not do good to your battery – same as only driving it for short distances.

Instead, looking after your car battery and investing in a good model when you need battery replacement in Dubai is a decision that can give you plenty of control over your purchase and make most of the battery’s lifetime. Now, you can shop for car batteries at TyresOnline and get expert advice on the best way to maintain yours!