Tyres Online Dubai

Car Tyres are one of the most important things that car owners have to decide about when it comes to replacing. If you are planning to replace your car tyres then there are few things that you should aware about. Here is the list of effective tips that can help you to choose the best of the best car tyres at the cheap rates.

#1. All Tyres Are Not Same

Yes, believe it or not, although all tyres look similar and of same size, the build quality differs from brand to brand. Some cheap quality tyres built with low quality rubbers are available at cheaper rates while high quality good rubber material tyres dubai are available at higher rates. The story of car tyres and running shoes are somewhat similar. Choose the best at better offers to get the best experience.

#2. Knowing the Right Time

If it is your first car then it is important to keep a check on the car tyres on regular interval. Just like car engine, batteries, exterior, interior, electronic, electrical, etc., car tyres also need regular servicing. If you are able to replace the car tyres at the right time you can enhance the performance and get the best deals.

#3. Know Your Car Tyre

If you have the car manual that is provided with the car then well and good. If not there you may want to learn how to read the car tyre code given on the sidewall of the tyres. It is a combination of numeric and alphabets. It denotes, the model, make, car tyres in millimetres and height.

#4. For Car Tyres – Size Matters

For any car tyre that needs replacement, owners should keep one thing in mind – car tyre size should fit the recommended speed rating. There are different sizes of car tyres that you can fit to give your car a jazzy look. However, adding larger tyres than its actual size can degrade the speed & performance while smaller can lose control. Choose the best or take advise of the car tyre specialist.

#5. Choose the Best

If you take care of your vehicle then it will take care of you. If you choose low quality and cheap car tyres then it will incur more expenses than the standard ones. You may also end up stranded on highway during long drives. Avoid such situations and choose branded car tyres form authorized dealer.

Bonus Tip

If you are unable to identify the authorized car tyres dealer in Dubai then choose www.tyresonline.ae which is one of the best website for buying branded car tyres. All you need to do is choose the model, make, size, height, and price of the tyres online you want. Select the time when you want the car specialist to come to your home or office to replace it. That’s it!


These are some of the effective tips that you can consider while replacing your car tyres or anyone in your family or friends. If you need more information or wish to add to the list then keep us posted in the comment section.