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How To Save Money On Car Insurance In The UAE

Auto insurance is something that should not drain your bank account. There are multiple ways to save and still get the proper car insurance coverage. The truth is, companies base your rate on various factors, starting from the type of car you drive, the time you have been insured, and so on.

Understanding all the key elements related to your auto insurance costs can help you get good coverage. In this blog, we are showing you the ways you can save money on car insurance in the UAE.

1. Explore Different Options

Nowadays, there are multiple car insurance providers in the UAE. This makes choosing the right option easier. All you need ot do is start comparing the policies, see what each one of them includes, and choose a car insurance policy that best suits your needs and budget.

2. Select The Essential Add-ons Only

Second, on our list of tips is related to the add-ons, or choosing only the ones that you really need. Every car insurance policy has different extras, and there are some benefits over the basics. The best way is to go through them and see what you need – chances are, you don’t need all of them. Also, know that many car insurance companies charge more for the add-ons that may eat up your insurance premium.

3. Driver Details

The car insurance costs nowadays are also connected to the driver – more specifically, their age and history. If the driver is under 25 years old, your premium will be higher. Also, experienced drivers have a lesser chance of accident, which is what makes the cost of the insurance premium go up if the driver is a beginner or has a poor driving record. A great tip to keep your premium low is to get a driver that is a family member over 25 years old with a clean record and no past insurance claims.

4. The “no Claim” Bonuses And How To Make Most Of Them

In the UAE, there is a “no-claim” bonus rule, which means that if the insurance holder has not made any specific claims in the previous years, the insurer might offer an additional discount on the car insurance premium. The best way to save money on car insurance is to get that no-claim bonus.

5. Increase Your Deductible

For those of you who don’t know, a deductible is a fixed amount that you pay on your insurance claim to get your car repaired. Your car insurance company usually covers the rest, but it is up to you to select the proportion that aligns with your needs. However, the higher the deductible is, the lower the cost of your car insurance will be. A low insurance rate might also result in a higher deductible, so when filing a claim, examine all the details associated to the coverage.

6. Review Your Coverage Before Renewing It

The majority of drivers in the UAE would allow their car insurance coverage to renew automatically and not get bothered about it. However, reviewing everything before it renews can help you save money on car insurance – especially when you opt out for different details or request a new insurance premium at the end of your term. For instance, if your driving history has increased and you have good driving behavior, you might get a better rate. Similarly, if you changed your vehicle and the current one has more safety features (or you decide to add them), the cost of your car insurance will go low.

7. Shop For Car Insurance Online

Insurance can be bought in various ways. In terms of popularity, online car insurance providers are trending and often present the easiest way to buy car insurance from the comfort of your home and office. This way, you can save time and buy cheap car insurance across the UAE.

At TyresOnline, we pride ourselves on offering cheap car insurance policies to UAE drivers in cooperation with Hala. For more details on premiums, frequently asked questions, and a chance to get your car insurance today, visit our Car Insurance page.

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