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The 5 Best Noise Reduction Technologies By Leading Tyre Brands

“What are the quietest tyres for vehicles?”

“What is the smoothest tyre with low noise on the road?”

“Which is the best tyre brand for ‘quiet’ tyres?”

If you have been searching for tyres online in the UAE, you probably asked yourself some of these questions.

Nowadays, noise is a thing that all tyres suffer from, and one of the main features that big tyre manufacturers are innovating. The main goal is to reduce the noise from the car’s interior and produce a smooth ride.

A Brief Description Of Noise Reduction In Tyres

Basically, noise-reducing tyres are models which produce low noises at high speeds. This is part of a modern technology which focuses on reducing outside noises coming from the tyres, helping drivers experience smooth rides.

Well, the leading tyre brands have their own teams of researchers, scientists and mechanics that pioneered new technologies for reducing noise in the car’s interior – mainly through a process that makes the tyre better-suited for the road. There is also a metric called “tyre noise rating” which examines how a tyre performs and what level of noise it produces.

Below, we are listing the leading tyre technologies for noise reduction – as well as the best tyres for comfort, smoothness and low noise levels.

1. The Pirelli Noise Cancelling System™ (PNCS)

First on our list is the popular Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli and their PNCS technology that guarantees lower noise inside the vehicle. The Pirelli Noise Cancelling System™ is essentially a technology that uses a sound-absorbing device applied to the inside circumferential wall of the tyre which claims to reduce noise by half.

Image Source: Pirelli.com

One of the key features of this tyre technology is its ability to absorb the vibrations with a sponge inside the tyre, working as a way to reduce the frequency filtering throughout the car. In this manner, the PNCS technology adds significant improvement in driving comfort.

2. Continental ContiSilent

ContiSilent™ is another leading technology by Continental Tyres which is based on the fact that “silence is a luxurious sound.” Their marketing campaign supporting the ContiSilent™ technology showcases the technology in detail.

We can see that aside from the reduced noise on all road surfaces, ContiSilent™ is perfect for all weather conditions. Continental also claims that there is no change in any other driving performance characteristics – and no negative influence on mileage as well as load/speed capabilities.

Source: Continental-tires.com

The tyre noise-reducing technology concept has tyres which are equipped with an inner tyre absorber (a polyurethane foam) that is attached to the inner surface of the tread area with an adhesive. This is why temperature is not a factor to this technology – and why Continental prides itself on ContiSilent™ as a way to reduce the interior vehicle noise up to 9 dB (A) depending on the type of vehicle.

3. Goodyear SoundComfort Technology

Goodyear is another leading tyre manufacturer that innovates with its noise-reducing tyre technology. Shopping Goodyear tyres in UAE is better if you have this factor taken into advantage.

Source: Goodyear.eu

In a nutshell, the SoundComfort technology by Goodyear reduces the vehicle’s interior noise level by building a sound barrier inside the tyres. This barrier acts like a cushion for the tyres, reducing air vibrations and damping the interior noise in the car while you are driving.

Available for both summer and winter Goodyear tyres, the SoundComfort technology does not compromise on other capabilities, has the same warranty and offers superior driving performance.

4. Michelin® Acoustic Technology

Drivers looking for lower noise levels in their vehicle interior should also consider the MICHELIN® Acoustic Technology as a way of reducing noise by approximately 20%, according to the claims of this tyre manufacturer.

Similar to its rivals, Michelin uses a polyurethane foam solution which muffles noise resonance and allows drivers and passengers to benefit with hands-free communication devices while lessening fatigue on long drives.

Source: Michelinman.com

The Acoustic Technology by Michelin® is also found to dampen the interior noise when driving in different road conditions.

Additionally, this acoustic technology aligns with the MICHELIN® Total PerformanceTM commitment in developing tyres that deliver maximum performance under a specific set of parameters.

5. Dunlop Noise Shield Technology

Foam-based tyre technologies seem to be working in reducing noise levels nowadays. Dunlop is another tyre manufacturer that adopted this approach, allowing driving enthusiasts to discover more of the roar that is generated by their sporty engines.

The technology that Dunlop promotes dampens the Tyre Cavity Resonance sound peak inside the tyre, reducing up to 11 dB (A) and delivering an interior noise production of up to 4 dB (A).

Because of the foam structure formulation being very light, the technology does not affect the driving performance of the tyre – or its speed capabilities. Instead, it only reduces noise in the vehicle interior.

So, Which Tyres To Choose For Maximum Quietness And Smoothness?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your unique preferences, style, and budget.

While all of these leading tyre brands are promoting effective technologies for reducing noise in the car’s interior, there are many aspects to be taken into consideration when choosing a new set of tyres.

The first thing you should do is enter your tyre rim, profile and width in our online tyre shop and see which tyres with low-noise technologies appear in the results.

If you are doubting your decision or are not sure which to choose for your needs, feel free to contact us at 800 255 89737 (or 800 ALL TYRES) or use the live chat on our website!

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