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Experience Seamless Crypto Payments at TyresOnline

At TyresOnline, we're excited to offer our customers the convenience of cryptocurrency payments for their tyre purchases. Choose between two simple methods for completing your transaction: select the Crypto Payment option at checkout on our website or pay using a link we send you. In both cases, our payment platform partner, LUNU, will present a QR code for you to scan with your chosen crypto wallet. With the exchange rate from AED to your selected cryptocurrency locked for 4 minutes, you can complete your payment quickly and effortlessly. Once the transaction is done, you'll receive confirmation of your successful payment.

Choose Your Currency and Pay with Confidence

We accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, with the available options depending on your selected wallet. Enjoy a fee-free payment experience as the LUNU platform handles the conversion from AED to your chosen cryptocurrency, ensuring you only pay the converted amount. If you ever need to cancel your order and meet the return conditions, rest assured that you'll receive a refund in the same cryptocurrency used for payment, with the value equivalent to the fixed AED amount at the time of refund processing. Trust in TyresOnline to provide a secure and user-friendly shopping experience with the flexibility of cryptocurrency payments.

TyresOnline 3-Step Crypto Payment Process at Checkout

  • Select Pay in Cryptocurrency

  • Select the Wallet & Currency

  • Confirm with QR Code

Lunu FAQ

There are two options for making Crypto payments:

1. On our website, opt for Pay in Cryptocurrency when checking out

2. Use the link we provide for payment

In either scenario, you can pick your desired Crypto wallet and Cryptocurrency. LUNU, our payment platform, will generate a QR code for wallet-based payment. The AED to Cryptocurrency exchange rate will be locked for 4 minutes. A confirmation will be sent upon successful payment completion.

We accept a wide range of Cryptocurrencies. Numerous Crypto wallets are supported, and the available currencies depend on your chosen wallet.

No fees are charged to customers. The LUNU platform converts the AED price to your chosen Cryptocurrency, and that's the only amount required for payment.

After selecting your wallet, the LUNU interface will display a list of available Cryptocurrencies to pick from.

We collaborate with LUNU to enable Crypto payments for our customers. However, we cannot control the platform's exchange rates, though deviations from actual rates should be minimal.

The LUNU interface locks a specific exchange rate for 4 minutes only. The AED-converted price is constant. If you revisit the link 5 minutes after receiving it, the price may have changed based on the current exchange rate.

If all return conditions are satisfied, you'll be refunded in the same Cryptocurrency used for payment. The refund amount will be equivalent to the fixed AED amount at the time of processing the refund.

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