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Goodyear Tyres

Drivers in Dubai & UAE can rely on Goodyear tyres for performing on the road

Amongst the worldwide tire makers, Goodyear Tyre is a renowned name. It is based in the USA and makes tire and rubber items for use in an extensive array of vehicles. Among them are auto-mobiles, motorcycles, race cars and air crafts. It’s acknowledged as amongst the biggest tire makers worldwide. The reason behind this tribute is that the company was amongst the first to take up radial tire technology following its development by Michelin in 1946. This move inflated the sales of the company by $7 billion between 1969 and 1985.

It became more recognized in 2008 with the Reputation Institute and Forbes magazine acknowledging it as amongst the most revered companies in the USA. The company has now become a greatly acknowledged auto parts trademark world wide, and a foremost trend setter in tyre expertise.

Goodyear Tyres: Bringing in pristine technologies for superior road performance, comfort, and security

The place that Good Year achieved wasn’t built on one success. The company has developed through the innovation, development, and introducing of new technologies for making tyres that are smarter, safer, and more long-lasting. Over the course of years, the company has enabled several innovations, which go a long way in making their tyres amongst the favored brands as regards road performance and consistency.

Amongst its developments are:

Run On Flat – This design that lets you be in control of your car, even following the blowing out of your tyres, thus making the possibility of accidents minimum.

Tyres having Wear Control Technology for rainy days – This design helps in curtailing fuel use and lets drivers to come to a halt over a lesser distance following braking.

Tyres having ActiveGrip Technology – the design make the pressure distribution across the outside of the tyres much better for enabling better management and performance, even when driving on wet roads.

Tyres having Silent Armor Technology – this design offers better defense against punctures and slashes while scaling sand dunes, rough mountains and pebbly landscape in Dubai or any place in UAE.

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