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Hankook Tyres

Tyres Online is the best store for Abu Dhabi and Dubai car owners who want Hankook tyres

Hankook is amongst the leading tire companies worldwide and is present in over 180 nations. It is through modernization and progressive worldwide positioning that this company has grown to be the 7th of largest tyre companies in the marketplace. Its tyres are a greatly revered trademark amongst car aficionados. Extensively branded for its and radial and bias-ply tyre production, the company has grown to be the tyre trademark of preference of diverse automakers.

Its manufacturing facilities in China, South Korea, Indonesia, the United States, and Hungary let the company consistently make 94 million units yearly, besides its making and delivery of batteries, alloy wheels, and brake pads.

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Hankook tyres feature innovative designs

There’re several reasons for drivers, professionals, and automobile businesses choosing Hankook Tyres. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the other parts of the UAE experience intense heat throughout the summer season. This heat could make tires fail. For preventing this, Hankook has made tyres that feature an inner liner for keeping the high-pressure air within the tyre. This inner liner plays the role of the inner tube and thwarts air from escaping the tyre.

Moreover, the tyres are devised with a greatly long-lasting carcass, which features several layers of tire cord. The carcass that Hankook has developed can readily soak up the inner air force, shock, and heaviness that the tyre endures all over its lifespan.

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Tyres Online is the name of a full-service tyre contract or that operates in the UAE. We have an online platform that lets clients surf through an extensive selection of products, and pick the tyre that fits their vehicle the best. Our partnership with the primary manufacturers worldwide let us bring our clients premium products at matchless rates. Besides, we also do tyre setting up, balancing, and disposal.

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