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Kumho Tyres

Make your Trip beyond Expectation

We Tyres Online have different brands of Kumho tyres that are best suited for all passenger cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles. Kumho includes UHP tires and Boeing 747 tires that make them as an excellent tyre company. They bound to have a high technology tire that enables the automobile even to drive in a flat condition. The Kumho tyre has made a benchmark in extended Runflat performance in the year of 2003.

The tyres can withstand a speed limit of 360 km/h and can travel 80 km/h even in the absence of the air. When it comes to racing vehicles or cars, the Kumho tyre has a unique feature of proprietor racing technology. As a Korean company, this Kumho tyre has gained lots of fame as a manufacturer of combat planes. Kumho has 18 standards of 11 tyre models different combat planes. The technologies used in the tyres are light parts, optimized designs, and excellent eco-friendliness. Over 50 years, Kumho emerges as one of the largest manufactures with eight tyre planets around Korea.

Benefits of Using Kumho Tyres

Kumho tyres are such durable products that last long for many years and thus these tyres give the real value of money. Kumho tyres are exceptional from other tyres, as they give the best performance, handling, and fuel economy for your vehicles. Without any damage, the tyres are perfectly made of rubber.

Apart from Kumho tyres price, Kumho tyres will add the visual treat to the vehicle. These tyres are quicker and can withstand the conditions even over long distance travel. The brake and suspensions will get wear out only after years. Therefore, this makes a benefit of unnecessary repair cost.

Make the Best Deal Offer

Tyres Online is the first tyre shop that makes the customer service easier. We provide tyres like Ecowing, Kumho Solus brands. The more common variety of tyres we provide are Solus Kumho tyres KH 17, KH 16 and Ecowing ES01 KH2. As a benefit of using our service, you can get the best deals at a low price.

There separate services for taxi companies, buses, vans, trucks and many more. The Kumho Abu Dhabi tyres, we provide will have a full flexed premium warranty. We have a straight dealership with the original manufactures, and we supply best quality products.

Make your Vehicle Shine

Not only Kumho tyres dubai, but we also provide all type of wheel alignment and gas problems in vehicles. Tyres Online is the first shop that provides service at the doorstep. We offer you services with satisfaction and comfort. The only thing you have to do is, just make a phone call to us, and get our service. There are well-trained staffs to make tire change and alignment. If you contact us, we will identify the location and make your vehicle ready. We provide service center from which you can get advice about any problem related to the vehicle. For the convenience of the customers, we provide three customer service stations. So make a change and be the first person to avail our service.