There are a lot of things that go in our car and are perceived by us as something that will “never break down” or need a repair. Suspension is one of them. Since this is the part that handles all the pressure from the bumps, turns and cracks on the road, it is also one of the most common things that need repair.

In the UAE, the majority of car owners think that suspension is mostly the part that is associated with having a smooth ride and as such it doesn’t need repair. However, having a bad suspension affects the entire vehicle, and your driving as a whole. Its devastating effects are mostly seen when stopping and turning, which is why you shouldn’t ignore suspension repairs.

No matter how much wear and tear your vehicle is used to, it should always be inspected and in top condition. Regular inspection and maintenance can prevent issues like these. Still, there are some sure signs that can tell you that your car is suffering from a problem with its suspension.

Speaking of which, below we are listing some of the common signs telling you it’s time for a suspension repair – or in the worst case scenario, a new suspension.

1.   Unpleasant car ride

As you probably know if you have been reading our blog, there are so many reasons behind a car that does not drive smoothly. However, tyres and suspension are among the greatest, and probably the first things that come to mind when the ride becomes bumpy or unpleasant.

If you are experiencing a ride that feels like you are literally feeling every bump in the road and that is making your car bounce, you are most likely experiencing suspension issues.

The easiest way to check is by doing the “bounce test” – when your car is parked, put all of your weight on its front end. If it bounces up and down quickly, its shock absorbers and struts need quick replacement.

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2.   Steering is very difficult

If your car becomes hard to control and steer (especially if you are going at low speeds), there is something wrong with your suspension. Steering is linked to the suspension – in fact, these two rely on each other to get their jobs done.

So, if something is affecting the way you control your car, it could be the suspension or the steering system itself. Either way, it is good to check both and see for potential issues such as low power steering fluid, worn or loose belts, worn out control arm bushings etc.

3.   Your car is drifting/pulling to the side

This is one of the most common signs that you need a repair. However, it is not only limited to your suspension – it could be the lack of tyre pressure in one or a few of your tyres that are causing it.

A problem like this is difficult to diagnose on your own. If the tyres are not causing the problem, then it may be the brakes, steering, or suspension. In addition, your suspension may cause it – specifically a damaged or broken control arm, tie rod, or spring.

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4.   Your car is not balanced (dips low)

In many situations, a damaged suspension system makes the car sit low or nose dive. A blown spring can be the main part that is putting more stress. The end result is a car that is not balanced – it may lean back when you accelerate, roll when you take it to corners, and lean excessively to one side.

If your car nose dives, leans back, or rolls, you should probably inspect the shock absorbers and struts, and replace them if needed.

5.   You hear strange sounds when accelerating, braking, or cornering

Strange sounds can be attributed to a lot of things, but hearing them when braking, steering, accelerating or cornering is one of the problems associated with the suspension.

Again, doing the “bounce test” can help you see whether your car bounces, which is a clear sign that your suspension is wearing out.

Suspension repair in uae

Why Is Suspension Always Important?

We cannot stress how important vehicle suspension is to every vehicle out there. To us and many car experts, it is one of the most important elements for optimal vehicle safety and road behavior.

The primary purpose of automotive suspension is to get you rid from any disturbances caused by road imperfections. Also, it is meant to eliminate excess vibration of the vehicle and ensure better comfort and well being for passengers.

On top of this, suspension is the main part that keeps the tyres in contact with the ground. The tighter and more flexible your tyre tread is, the better your grip will be. However, the flexibility of rubber used should also be limited, assuming that you want a long life from your tyres.

Are you noticing any of these problems with your suspension? The best way to make sure that you have a problem is to take your car to the nearest technician. At TyresOnline, we can help you by performing a full inspection and a suspension repair in UAE that will save you from a lot of money in the long run. Call us today to schedule your appointment!