Tyres Online Dubai

There is lot of information available online to choose the right set of car tyres for your car. It is helpful at the same time it is confusing as you refer different websites, you will find varied comments and suggestions which will ultimately confuse you. So, after researching and reviewing a large number of websites, customer queries and company recommendations, we have listed some of the effective and best tips that will help you in finding the perfect set of car tyres for your automobile. There are some common mistakes also referred in the post that you can prevent by understanding.

Understanding the basics

It is not about the car tyres but any product that you want to purchase, you need to have at least some basic information about the type, make, model, and how it is manufactured. If you read and understand then you will learn that there are 19-25 different components using which the car tyres are made of. There are different fabrics, steel belts, iron wires, and much more that you need focus on.

Choosing Right Website

Today most of the customers choose car tyres for two major reasons. One they can get the same quality of products online as other places, secondly customers can also get home delivery and fitting than visiting the car tyre store personally. Moreover there are many discount offers available online compared to the stores. So you can save time and money both. However, choosing the genuine website that offers only branded products is important!

Type of tyres

There are different type of tires based on your usage, weather condition, performance and all-in-one. If you are living in a rocky region where you need all-terrain car type then you choose one or if you live in colder region then you can choose the car type as winter or for hotter regions, you can choose summer types.

New Tyres Vs Used Tyres

If you are wondering that some of your friends have purchased second hand tyres from online websites then we do not recommend that as not all tyres have same result. If you are travelling on a highway and suddenly if the second hand car tyre bursts then your decision of falling for cheap cost will result in great difficulty. If you own a car then always go for the best brand and best quality car tyres.


The most common mistake made by any online customer is using the incorrect car tyre size. The detailed information of the car tyre is provided in the car manual that you get while purchasing the car. If you are not aware then you can also find it online by Googling or speaking with car customer care.

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