Many people in the UAE have vehicles that they rarely drive or not use often. These can be anything from second cars to seasonal cars, or vehicles driven only for certain purposes. However, cars need to be maintained even if they are not in use. Things like oil checks, tyre replacement and car washes are as important as preparing the vehicle for long idle periods.

Below, we are listing some of the best ways to maintain a vehicle that you don’t use often.

1.Turn the vehicle on once in every few days

Starting the car up every few days helps even if you don’t actually drive it. By doing that, you will keep the fluids cycling through the engine and make sure everything is properly lubricated. Additionally, you won’t see any liquids pooling in certain areas and ensure that your battery is well maintained. As to how often you should do that, we generally recommend doing it once every 5-6 days.

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2.Keep the tyres healthy

Check the tyre pressure on a regular basis to make sure that your vehicle’s tires match the manufacturer recommendations. You can check for general recommendations on tyres online in our blog or consult with our team of experts. Know that your tyres lose air over time, and the ones filled with nitrogen leak less than tyres filled with oxygen. Also,make sure to roll the vehicle slightly forward or backward if you can to resituate its standing points and prevent flat spots. If your vehicle is stored outside, consider covering the tyres to prevent UV damage.

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3.Fill up the tank

If you plan to leave the car sitting for some time, you should fill up its gas tank beforehand to prevent any condensation caused by weather fluctuations. Gasoline should last about six months, which is why you should consider either using the vehicle before that or use a proper drainage procedure at a licensed car service center in Dubai. Plus, doing that will ensure that you will have enough fuel for your next road trip in the UAE!

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4.Prevent battery corrosion

Generally, a short drive which is long enough to get the oil up to temperature is also good for the battery. If you have a seasonal vehicle that you know you won’t be using for a long period of time, you should disconnect the battery to prevent corrosion.

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5.Protect the exterior

Covering your car exterior is important when leaving it for some time. The best way to protect the vehicle is by storing it in a garage. If that is not available to you, you can cover it to protect its paint and finish. 

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Taking the vehicle out of storage? Here is what you should do

Once you are ready to use your vehicle again, make sure to undo all of the storage preparation that you originally did (unplugging the battery is an example), and make sure that everything is good to go before you turn the engine on. Once you do that, follow this list to ensure that your car is in a good condition:

  1. Check for any chewed belts, hoses, wires or nests, which are all potential signs of rodent damage
  2. Remove any steel wool that you may have placed in you exhaust pipe
  3. Check the pressure in your tyres (if you don’t know it, read advice on tyres online) and inflate if needed
  4. If your tyres are worn out, check for quality tyres in our online tyre shop
  5. Check and top off fluids as needed
  6. If necessary, reconnect your battery and make sure that all terminals are clean
  7. Wash your vehicle to remove the dust and dirt it accumulated
  8. Clean the interior of your vehicle to remove any lingering odors that attract pests

As the best-case scenario, we recommend you to take your vehicle for a complete check in a licensed car service center in the UAE. Doing that is the only way you will know it runs reliably when you need it, and prevent any problems that may arise in the future.