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ContiSportContact 5 MO

Product Information Name: ContiSportContact 5 MO Size: 245/40 R17 Load / Speed Index: 91Y Origin: Europe Manufactory Year: 2019 UTQG: 280 AA A Warranty: 1 Year Warranty Description: The Continental 245/40 R17 91Y ContiSportContact 5 MO 2019 is an excellent 17 inch tyre with Y speed index and a load index of 91, originally developed for Mercedes. It is an outstanding tyre with many benefits, very popular in Dubai and in the UAE. Its enhanced grip and low rolling resistance make it exceptional when it comes down to cornering and control. It is based on Black Chilli technology, defining a balance between high performance and treadlife. If you're looking for a high-mileage tyre with reduced fuel consumption, then this model definitely fits your needs. SKU: STG-CON03561780000
71 dB
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AED 1,337.90 Set of 4
AED 1,783.87 Set of 4
AED 445.97 per tyre
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