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ContiSportContact 5 MO

Product Information Name: ContiSportContact 5 MO Size: 255/35 R18 Load / Speed Index: 94Y Origin: C. Republic Manufactory Year: 2019 UTQG: 280 A AA Warranty: 1 Year Warranty Description: The Continental 255/35 R18 94Y ContiSportContact 5 MO 2019 is a magnificent 18 inch tyre with Y speed index and a load index of 94 with numerous impeccable benefits. This model was originally developed for Mercedes, but can be mounted on other vehicles as well. Its capabilities include a substantially enhanced grip and low rolling resistance, making it useful in corners. It is a premium tyre promising reduced fuel consumption and high mileage, as well as optimal balance between high performance and treadlife thanks to its Black Chilli technology. SKU: STG-CON03561870000-2019
73 dB
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AED 303.00 per tyre
AED 1,212.00 Set of 4
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