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5 Important Functions Of A Tyre

Let’s face it – every car needs to be able to move, stop, and turn without slipping or moving in unusual ways. Many of these functions are supported by the tyres that your car is “wearing”. The way the rubber behaves on all kinds of surfaces directly impacts your driving and safety, and is dependent on how the tyre was built.

In addition to gravity and air resistance, the tyres apply other major forces that affect how your vehicle moves. Below, we are listing five simple things that your tyres do to keep you safe and comfortable on the road.

1. Carry Your Vehicle's Weight

A tire is comparable to an air-tight rubber tube. The air in the tire supports the car's weight. The weight shifts about the roll center of the vehicle whenever it slows down, accelerates, turns, or drives forward.

For instance, when you apply the maximum amount of force to the brakes, the front suspension compresses and the majority of the vehicle's weight is transferred to the front tyres. The weight also shifts to the back tyres when you accelerate. The amount of weight that the tires can support depends on the air pressure in them.

When handling is in question, air is the most important component of safety and performance. Tyres that are inflated with the correct amount of air pressure provide optimal traction and control. So, you should always check to see that all four of your tires are inflated to the proper pressure. You might also use nitrogen to fill your tires instead of conventional air for further benefits.

2. It Moves the Car Without It Moving in an Unwanted Direction

Simply put, tyres help a vehicle move and prevent it from slipping or heading in unwanted direction. Whether the surface is dry or wet, a tyre is designed to function in all road conditions, temperatures and traction situations. In fact, there are tyres that are specifically designed for rain, snow, as well as all-season car tyres that have optimal features for any season.

The point is clear – having a good set of tyres with a solid level of tread improves the car’s traction on the road, keeping it from skidding or drifting in wrong directions.

3. It Protects Your Car From Shock by Acting as a Cushion

We all know that many cities have potholes, cracks, bumps, and other imperfections that can make driving uncomfortable. However, when your tyres are in proper condition, even these imperfections are not felt, and the driving is smoother. The suspension, shock absorbers, wheels, and other components of the vehicle are all impacted as it travels over road imperfections.

As you can see, the tire is frequently the first thing to absorb shock. The tyres help the car handle the various forces acting on it as well as absorb and level out shocks.

4. It Allows Your Car to Change Directions and Turn

Your car's wheels turn in a different direction when you turn the steering wheel. Your car can now move in the direction you wish it to by taking this action.

Your tires are what keep your car stable throughout this procedure. The air pressure in the tires, together with the caliber, depth, and pattern of the treads, plays a crucial role in maintaining the stability of the car when it is turning.

5. Send Forces From Speeding Up, Slowing Down, and Turning to the Ground

The majority of the time, a car's performance is assessed based on how effectively it accelerates, brakes, handles, and turns, but in reality, tyres are what give the car the performance the driver desires.

In essence, a tire creates and transmits physical forces to the road surface, such as acceleration, deceleration, and turning. Friction between the tyres and the road transmits the forces to the ground.

In the end, tires perform a variety of functions in addition to serving as your car's only point of contact with the ground. They have a significant impact on how efficiently a car uses gas, how well it handles, how quiet and smooth it is, how well it grips the road, whether it is wet or dry, and how comfortable the ride is. Tyres are the most important component of your car when it comes to safety, which is a good enough excuse to give them routine care and maintenance.

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