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7 Benefits Of Changing Your Oil On Time

Routine oil changes are simply a must – it’s how you extend the lifespan of your vehicle and keep your engine in great condition. In today’s time and age, each vehicle has its own needs for optimal performance, and most engines need a different amount of oil to be properly maintained.

Luckily, each brand has standard requirements for every specific model, which you can find in the owner’s manual or consult with a licensed car mechanic in Dubai. Deciding on what kind of oil you put in your car is best when you go to your local car service station. Below, we are listing seven benefits of doing it on time.

Engine Efficiency

First of all, you should know that all regular oil changes will not keep your engine clean, but also improve its efficiency. What many drivers tend to forget is that oil carries all of the dirt, debris, and other parts as it flows into the engine. As a result, certain sludge begins to develop inside the engine, which is why you need to regularly change your oil for maximum engine efficiency. In addition to that, you should also have your oil filters replaced routinely. All of this will assist you in preventing an inefficient engine.

Improved Mileage

Next on the list is mileage. A reliable engine with routine oil changes will give you effective gas mileage whenever you travel. That is why changing your oil on time is needed to maintain a clean engine without much debris. When fresh oil flows through the engine, it performs at its best and as a result, you will get major cost savings.

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Longer Engine Life

It goes without saying that changing your oil on time results in a longer lifespan of the engine. This is mostly because of the gunk, which occurs in dirty oil, that clogs up the engine and creates increased friction and quicker wear on the engine components. On the contrary, a cleaner engine will always run more smoothly, work efficiently, and have a longer life.

Protection on Other Engine Parts

Besides keeping the engine running under control, oil keeps many parts inside the engine lubricated. For instance, there are the crankshaft as well as connecting rods, which control the pistons inside the engine’s cylinders. Think of it as a chain of command, where every part needs to get proper lubrication in order to be moving and running properly.

Environmentally Friendly

A routine oil change is needed for a safer environment, too. Over time, heat will break down engine oil, releasing gases, which build up sludge and emits harmful hydrocarbons that are hazardous to the environment. Think of changing your oil on time as something that makes up for a cleaner environment, too.

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Cooler Engine Parts for Better Performance

Engine components generate a lot of heat. Since cars are moving at high speeds on UAE roads, the heat generated needs to vent, and every part needs proper lubrication in order to produce the same amount of power again and again. Knowing that all moving parts in the engine create minimal friction which avoids overheating the engine, oil is the lubricant that keeps all of these cooler, ensuring optimal performance.

Peace of Mind

Lastly, a routine where you have your oil changed on time ensures complete peace of mind, knowing that there is a minimal risk of your engine breaking down, or your car losing power. It doesn’t matter if you are in city traffic or traveling around the UAE on a regular basis – a car that is serviced on time will give you nothing to worry about.

For more car maintenance tips, visit our blog.

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