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The Best Tyres For Mitsubishi Pajero: Reviewed

In this brand new blog campaign, we will go over some of the most common vehicles driven in the UAE and explore the best choices of tyres for each of them. First on our list is a truly legendary 4WD model – The Mitsubishi Pajero. If you are looking for car tyres for Pajero in the UAE, stay on this page, and we’ll help you choose the best model for your needs.

It’s no secret that the Pajero is the one and only SUV of its kind – it boasts amazing performance with plenty of high-quality features in one package. This all-around SUV model will satisfy the needs of every driver in every scene, whether it’s riding the city streets, cruising the night out, or going to the desert for some off-road fun. That is why choosing tyres for Mitsubishi Pajero is not an easy mission.

3 Great SUV Tyre Models For Mitsubishi Pajero

As we said above, choosing tyres for Pajero in UAE is not easy, mostly because different drivers have different needs. However, if you want to satisfy all of your needs and make sure that you bought Pajero tyres that can be used in practically any scene or environment, we are showing you the best three models that you can shop directly at TyresOnline.ae.

1. Michelin Pilot Sport SUV

You probably know that you can never go wrong with Michelin for SUVs in UAE. In this case, the Michelin Pilot Sport PS4 SUV is a maximum performance summer tyre that you can safely fit on your Pajero and know that you have made the right choice. Choosing premium tyres like the PS4 will accent every driving mode of your Pajero, giving you maximum satisfaction.

The tyre is characterized by an asymmetrical pattern that is specifically designed for SUV and 4Wd vehicles. While there is also a version for passenger cars, the PS4 SUV is optimized for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) like the Pajero. There have been plenty of tests showing how great Michelin’s tyre is. In fact, the Pilot Sport SUV can proudly state that it produces the shortest dry and wet braking distances and gives the most control in wet handling. You can control your Pajero easily even if you are aquaplaning (straight or lateral), and the handling and traction in gravel are also a breeze. What more do you need from an SUV tyre really?

2. Bridgestone Dueler H/P 92

Second on our list of best Mitsubishi Pajero tyres is the classic choice by Bridgestone, the Dueler H/P 92. We have shipped many of these tyre models to SUV owners in the UAE, and we can safely say that this tyre offers amazing grip and handling. Whether you are taking your Pajero off-road or want to go full speed on the highway, the Dueler H/P 92 is a reliable tyre and a great choice for anyone who needs a good general-purpose and all-season tyre.

Plus, it is a great highway tyre that is also recommended for medium-duty vans, trucks, and pickups, but mostly crossover and SUV vehicles. Fitting your Pajero with Bridgestone tyres will give you harmony and peace, knowing that you have chosen a tyre from the premium segment and one that you can rely on in every season.

3. Pirelli Scorpion Verde AS Plus

Choosing premium tyres for Mitsubishi Pajero is the best decision if you can afford them. Besides the Michelin PS and Dueler H/P 92, there is one more model that can give you maximum stability, great handling, and amazing performance on every surface. We are talking about the Pirelli Scorpion Verde AS Plus, which is an eco-friendly tyre that is primarily designated as an all-season touring tyre.

The Scorpion aspect of this model also gives it an off-road character. This green tyre incorporates low rolling resistance and reduced weight, all in order to enhance the fuel economy while reducing the CO2 emissions of your SUV. Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, you can shop for Pirelli Scorpion Verde tyres for your Pajero and see things for yourself.

Final thoughts

There you go – we listed the three perfect tyre models for Mitsubishi Pajero in the UAE. Choosing any of these will give you comfort and safety, and much more. Whether you want to take your Pajero off-road, cruise throughout the city or hit the highway, choosing these models means making the best decision.

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