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The Complete Guide To Light Commercial Truck Tyres In UAE

And while it is true that these durable tyres were made with big weights in mind, the question of which is better for your vehicle—light truck tyres or commercial tyres—remains.

Light Truck (LT) tyres: What Are They?

Modern technology has decreased the wear rate, reduced rolling resistance, and increased the particular tyre grip. The letters LT are marked on the sidewalls of light truck tyres. These tyres work with light to heavy-duty vehicles and commercial vans, utes, caravans, and trailers.

  • Main features: Chunky tread pattern, deep grooves, and robust sidewalls are distinguishing features. Sturdy internal instruction with large wires and thick sidewall plies
  • Load capacity: 500kg to 1 ton
  • Great for: Increased protection against carcass damage, improved puncture resistance, and guaranteed stability and safety when towing or hauling excess weight
  • Not ideal for: Excessive rolling resistance, poor fuel efficiency, pounding the pavement, harsher and noisier ride high-speed tyre heat increase
  • Most effective when: Traveling over industrial roads with pits and other obstacles like pebbles and uneven terrain. They can also be used for city driving, but be aware of the disadvantages described above.

It is important to specify the circumstances under which you want to operate your minibus, including whether it will be used to transport people or freight, the highways it will utilize, and the weather. If an all-season set will be adequate or whether two sets of tyres—one studded and one not—will be required.

The load index, the speed rating, and the tread pattern must all be taken into account when choosing a tire. You must select a tread pattern that is ideal for usage in off-road, snowy, and rainy circumstances since these tyres are designed for frequent use on a variety of road surfaces.


In conclusion, you require light truck tyres if you: need a strong and durable tire for your larger, heavier vehicle, such as a business van or 4WD:

  • Often transport and tow big loads with your automobile.
  • Prepare to pull a trailer or caravan.
  • Will go across off-road terrain
  • Won't be driving on the highway for very long.
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